My professional experience in South Sardinia

Angela Ciani

PI 10621500965

REA CA 351750

head office: via Carloforte 59 09011 Calasetta (SU)

tel/WhatsApp +393357095336


tel off +3907811801626

speaking: italian, english, french

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My professional experience in South Sardinia began in 2009, with the construction of a tourist residential complex in Calasetta, composed of 19 cottages. Over the years, these properties were sold to both Italians and Germans and leased seasonally to tourists.
The realty operation concluded in 2018, and, taking advantage of my decade-long experience in the field, I decided to dedicate myself to the real estate brokerage.
I mainly take care of short-term tourist locations and the buying and selling of second homes and holiday retreats located in the Sardinian South, offering them mostly to German, Swiss, French and English buyers, in collaboration with German estate agencies.

I’m tireless and passionate in a field with great potential for real estate and tourism growth.  
I enjoy promoting, valorising, and helping it grow, introducing it to Italians as well as foreigners who want to be surrounded by nature and wellness. Those who acquire a property in this area, are not just buying bricks – they’re joining a community who lives the territory and its wonders, as well. My mission isn’t to sell you a mere house, but rather the context around it, with all its merits and, why not… its flaws, too.


COMMISSIONS FOR THE BUYER: 3%/5% on the buying-selling price, which includes

  1. eventual collaboration with credit brokers for the disbursement of mortgage loans, through a first free of charge consultation;
  2. assistance from the offer, to the purchase, to the signing of the notarial deed;
  3. assistance with the eventual takeover or activation of utilities such as water, gas, electricity and TARI declaration.
  4. suggestions from construction companies, bricklayers, electricians, plumbers, furniture shops, architects and engineers

PROPERTY FINDING: 0,5% on the price of the property you’re looking for, which is detracted from the commission amount owed to the buyer once the sale is concluded.
I only do exclusive assignments. 


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